Miami Dade Parks Sterling Awards Video

Verge Media  Miami, FL / Commercial

Producing the “Miami Dade Parks Sterling Video” was an extraordinary endeavor that involved a close collaboration with the City of Miami. This remarkable project entailed a meticulous process of editing approximately 14 hours of footage, skillfully crafting a visually stunning narrative that showcased the beauty and essence of Miami Dade Parks.

Our team harnessed the cinematic prowess of the Arri Alexa to capture breathtaking b-roll footage, creating captivating visuals that beautifully complemented the content. The result was a video that not only told a compelling story but also showcased the natural beauty of the parks in a truly spectacular way.

The ultimate measure of our success was the sheer delight of our client, whose enthusiasm for the final product was evident. The collaborative effort with the City of Miami, the meticulous editing, and the breathtaking visuals achieved with the Arri Alexa all converged to create the “Miami Dade Parks Sterling Video,” a testament to the extraordinary results that can be achieved when dedication, innovation, and partnership come together in harmony.