Rebrandly – One of the Best URL Shorteners (Link Shortener) | Motion Graphics Video

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Done with shortening your long URLs? Wait, what if you could brand them by connecting your domain?

That’s possible with Rebrandly, one of the best URL shorteners available that not only offers you link shortening but also a ton of other exciting features.

Apart from shortening your URLs, you can also optimize them by adding SEO-friendly keywords and track analytics through its link-tracking management.

But why is an animated video best for marketing custom-link shortener tools like Rebrandly and countless feature-loaded software and applications? And yeah, that too within 60 seconds?

Well, here are 3 reasons why:

1) Grabbing Attention: Right from the beginning, the video focuses on addressing the problem through a compelling hook and visuals.
2) Communicating the Message: Then, the tool is introduced alongside its key features, explained through quick scene transitions, offering a quick understanding.
3) Encouraging Action: Wrapping up, the background voiceover complemented with icons exaggerates the core benefit, thus persuading viewers to take action.

Sounds interesting right? Well, your software or product, too, can be sharply communicated and marketed using animated videos. Check out how we’ve simplified Rebrandly via appealing visuals and an engaging storyline.

Want to learn more about them? Connect with our animated video production expert today and understand how we help brands simplify their complex products effectively.

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