Unni Rav Cinematography Reel 2022

Unni Rav  San Jose, CA / Demo Reel

Unni Rav Cinematography Reel 2022. Collection of some of my work as a DP/Director on various commercials, short films and Indie films from 2019-2022. Sharing a few details on gear used/ Camera: ARRI ALEXA Mini, Red Dragon X 5K, Red Komodo, Blackmagic URSA G2, Canon 1DX M2, etc. Lens: ZEISS CP.2 T2.1 Compact Primes, Atlas Orion Anamorphic Primes, DZOFilm VESPID Cine Primes, etc. To hire me for Director or Director of Photography work, please email: [email protected]