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We host a Zoom webcast every Wednesday where we alternate between a formal crew talk webcast with a panel to discuss a specific topic and an informal chat meeting for a general discussion.

  • post production

    Suite Studios - Post Production’s New Workflow. On this episode of Crew Talk, we talk with Craig about the new and upcoming platform Suite Studios - a cloud based platform for easy and accessible workflows for all post production studios. Panel: Sarah Marince Craig Hering Eduard Stinga Transcript from Crew Talk Sarah Marince: Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to crew talk brought to you by Shoots.Video. I'm your host today, Sarah, and I'm glad to be back with you. It's… View the Video

  • review platform

    Filestage - The world’s best-rated review and approval platform We talk with - the platform that allows creatives to share, review, and approve all your files in one place and enjoy a faster, more productive approval process. Panel: Katie Chonacas Samuel Blount Forrest Tuff Transcript from Crew Talk Katie Chonacas: Hi everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in today. I'm Katie Chonacas, your host, and we have two special guests with us in the entertainment industry, and we're… View the Video

  • social impact theory

    Impact Theory - exploring the mindsets of the worlds highest achievers We speak with Axel about all the awesome things happening at Impact Theory. Impact Theory helps develop your passion, and make your mark on the world. Panel: Katie Chonacas Axel Arzola Warren Coughlin Avril Jones Sterling Bax Transcript from Crew Talk Katie Chonacas: Hello everyone. I'm Katie Chonacas. We're with a crew of people today. We're all going to introduce ourselves and we're going to say one thing that… View the Video

  • jobs platform - The #1 Jobs Platform For Cast, Crew And Creative Professionals We talk with Danny, Gina and Alexandra about the #1 jobs platform for cast, crew & creative professionals: Panelists Sarah Marince Gina Hall Alexandra Boylan Danny Farber Transcript from Talk Sarah Marince: Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to crew talk brought to you by I'm your host, Sarah Marince, and I've missed you guys. It's been a few weeks, but I've been wedding planning and just… View the Video

  • Camera Sharing Community

    Sharegrid - The largest, most trusted camera sharing community. Have you rented gear before? Are you sitting on a pile of old gear collecting dust? Chances are, you’ve probably used Sharegrid for camera sharing or rented out your own. Or maybe you’ve listed yourself as crew. We talk with Marius about the many things Sharegrid offers. Panelists Chris Lofing Travis Cluff Marius Ciocirlan Matt Spaugh Evan Dvorkin Bruce Himmelblau Transcripts from Talk Chris and Travis: All right, everyone. All right.… View the Video

  • crew talk

    Put on your best at-home performance - Panelists Justin McAleece Jenn Zilioli Christina Kleppinger Jennica Schwartzman Jade Zaroff Mindy Montavon Transcripts from Talk Justin McAleece: Hello. Hi guys. This is crew talk. We are here talking with a lot of interesting people. One of them is Jade, and I'm going to let her take it from here. Jade Zaroff: Hello. My name is Jade. I am a passionate voiceover actress as well as on-screen musical theater. And then… View the Video

  • video color correction

    Video Color Correction Blogs & Tutorials Panelists Sarah Marince Oliver Peters Patrick Inhofer Jason Bowdach Warren Eagles Transcripts from Talk Sarah Marince: Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to crew talk brought to you by Today, we have a large panel with us and we are going to be learning all about color grading and everything there is to know as always, if you have questions during the webinar, feel free to drop them in the Q and a box… View the Video

  • Power Your Video Business

    Everything You Need To Power Your Video Business - Jump Studios Panelists Sarah Marince JJ Englert Jen Prince Transcripts from Talk Sarah Marince: Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to Crew Talk brought to you by I'm Sarah Marince, and I'm very excited to be your host today. And we have two very awesome guests with us on the panel today. We have JJ and Jen. Hello. So let's just take a second and you can kind of tell us… View the Video

  • Film Commission Crew Talk

    Working with Film Commissions - FAQ’s Panelists Bonnie Marie Taylor Susannah G Robbins Paul Audley Matthew Earl Jones Transcription from talk: Bonnie Marie Williams: Well, hello, everybody. Welcome to tonight's crew talk. It's great to be here. We've got a lot of things to cover and some fabulous panelists here with us tonight. So we'll go ahead and we have Susanna, Matthew and Paul here. I'd love for you all to introduce yourselves. Tell us a little bit about you… View the Video

  • script services

    Education, Script Services + Collaboration for Creatives - Stage 32 Stage 32 works with over 600 industry executives and has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the leading source for educating film, television and new media creatives through their Next Level webinars, classes and labs. Further, Stage 32 Script Services provides access to producers, directors of development, managers and agents. Stage 32 Script Services works with hundreds of industry professionals to provide feedback on scripts through script coverage, pitching, consultations… View the Video

  • Crew Talk - Peerspace

    Your Next Video Shoot Starts Here - Peerspace Peerspace is on a mission to bring people together to meet, create, and celebrate. Their online marketplace makes it easier than ever to find & book unique spaces to shoot at. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect film set, an indoor/outdoor venue, or a photography studio, Peerspace gives you the keys to the best spaces. Matt (Actually two Matt’s) and Michelle from the Peerspace team will be joining us to… View the Video

  • Business Tools for Video Profesionals

    Business Tools for Video Professionals - Spend less time sweating the little stuff and more time building the production company of your dreams. Complete with a built-in crew and talent network of video professionals, features for managing hired crew and for casting talent, contract drafting and more. Pipeline helps you spend less time on the nitty gritty and more on creative, shooting and developing new clients. Sounds too good to be true you say? See for yourself as we… View the Video

  • creative community crew talk

    Creative Community Since 2001 - Since 2001, Creative COW has proven the largest and most successful long-running community dedicated to supporting professionals working in film, video, and audio. Over the years, they’ve helped forge some powerful relationships. Let’s see how they can help you share your story, find your peers and/or open a door for you. You’re never alone with the power of community. Panelists Sarah Marince Blake Barnett Tim Wilson Jade Zaroff Transcripts from talk Sarah Marince: Hello… View the Video

  • video review software

    Collaboration and Review Software for Creative Teams - Reviewing creative work should be the easy part. Wipster streamlines review cycles so creative teams can deliver better work faster. Is Wipster the right fit for you or your team? We invited the Co-founder & CEO of Wipster to help answer this question and to discuss the future of their platform. As always please bring your questions so that we can all learn together. Panelists Sarah Marince Blake Barnett Rollo Wenlock… View the Video

  • Project Management Tool

    Work at the Speed of Lights, Camera, Action - Project Management Tool In our video production industry the only constant seems to be change. The landscape of the who, what, when & where is in constant flux. At least now we’re seeing some awesome improvements in the availability of digital tools that streamline the entire production process. We’ll be diving into one such solution ( which we believe is worth your time to explore with us. As always please… View the Video

  • Brick Madness Movie

    Cast & Crew Talk - Brick Madness Movie On this episode of Crew Talk we learn how to go about bringing your vision to life and more often than not, what NOT to do. Listen in as the hilarious cast and crew from the feature film Brick MADNESS discusses the writing, shooting, editing, and distribution of the movie and why it took 11 long years to see it come to fruition. You can get the movie here!  Link to our… View the Video

  • independent filmmaker day

    Independent Filmmaker Day - Independent Filmmaker Day is a network of directors, producers, actors and creators involved in film. They help independent creators from around the world develop new projects, connect within the industry, and champion collaborative and impactful storytelling at all stages. At each one of their events, you will hear from acclaimed industry experts concerning screenwriting, producing, funding, marketing, music, post-production, and distribution. Panel Sarah Marince - Host Jade Zaroff - Co-Host Eric Vollweiler David Rubenstein… View the Video

  • Video Production People

    Video Hustle: Leveling Up  w/ Communities - Video Production People Wednesday, March 24 at 4:00pm PDT with Blake Barnett, Justin McAleece, Joel Forrest, Voravong Nachampassak, Sarah Marince, Jade Zaroff, Rose Kaz, George Roca, Juliana Broste, Joshua Friedman, Jj Englert, Ravid Razak, CJ Walley.  If it’s your vision or your client’s, it’s always beneficial to have the best possible production team in all necessary roles. Is that you? We want to hear from all crew! Let’s learn together ️

  • adventure into animation

    Adventure into Animation Panel Justin McAleece - Host Jade Zaroff - Co-Host Levi Ames Rachael Jaye Schulz Sarah Marince DJ Summitt Hagop (Kane) Kaneboughazian Mike Blum Mark Simon Transcripts from Talk Justin McAleece: Hi, this is Crew Talk with And today we are talking about animation. We have some really awesome animators here and people who work in the animation industry and know a whole ton about that. So if you were interested in that, then you're in the… View the Video

  • Monetizing your spec work

    Monetizing Your Spec Work with Advertising On Demand - Panel Sarah Marince Justin McAleece John Kubin Jed Williams Meisha Lee Levi Ames Jake McGhee Transcripts from Talk Sarah Marince: Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to crew talk brought to you by Welcome back. This is my first week back in a couple of weeks. I just did a big move from Orlando to Dallas, but I've missed everyone and I'm glad to be back today. We are talking… View the Video

  • Amazon Prime Video

    Interview with Ken Gibbs Jr. from Amazon We sit down with Ken Gibbs Jr. and talk video production. Transcription: Justin McAleece: My name is Justin McAleece here with talking to Ken Gibbs Jr. Today. And yeah. Justin McAleece: Yeah. I'm going to have a really interesting conversation about what he does, what he's involved with. You got a lot of hyphenates in your situation over there. You're doing a lot of things, man. That's great to hear. Tell me… View the Video

  • What Camera you should buy in 2021

    Our 20th Webcast where we discuss all things camera related. This week we will be completely geeking out on the pros and cons of the best cinematic cameras available in 2021. Join us as we discuss tech specs of the best cine cameras on the market. Panel Bio's John Daly (Host) - Sunset Beach, NC Susan Anzalone (Co-Host) - Los Angeles, CA Sahir Champion - Los Angeles, CA NYC Native, Sahir Champion graduated from the Newhouse School… View the Video

  • film and video lighting magic

    Our 19th Webcast where we discuss Video and Film Lighting Magic. What lights? What diffusions? What technologies? What does it matter? Join us for this week's Crew Talk as get some incredible insights and hard-fought anecdotes from some video and film industry rock stars about the magic of lighting. Sarah Marince: Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday. Welcome to crew talk brought to you by That was an awesome intro. Thank you, Justin. For that intro. I'm Sarah Marince. I'll be… View the Video

  • positive thinking

    Our 18th Webcast where we discuss Positive Thinking and How to See Clearly Through a Murky 2021. So what do we do every year during the holiday season? We make outlandish, unattainable, and often ridiculous resolutions that almost all of us already know we will not keep. Interested in a better video / film success plan for 2021+? To help find a more useful solution to this New Year’s ritual we invited the authors of You Can Choose to share… View the Video

  • indie film distribution

    Our 17th Webcast where we discuss Indie Film Distribution with Filmmakers & Distributors. From Amazon to Sundance how do you get more eyeballs to see your flick? To answer this and other related questions we reached out to both filmmakers and distributors for guidance. Have your questions ready and let’s all learn how to better distribute our documentaries and feature films. Sarah Marince: Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. And welcome to crew talk brought to you by So today we… View the Video

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