Our mission is to build a community where we all thrive together! This means creating more win-win relationships with you and others in film and media. Whether it’s receiving a referral or updating your profile, our directory point system offers many ways for you to collect unlimited points and boost your rank. Our point system is intended to motivate members to build up their profiles, connect with other professionals, and make a lasting first impression to employers.

How to get more points
  1. Receive a referral. - 100 points
  2. Write a referral for someone. - 50 points
  3. Add references from crew/talent you’ve worked with. - 15 points
  4. When members “Like” your profile. - 10 points/share
  5. Add portfolio videos or audios to your page. - 5 points
  6. Make any updates to your profile. - 5 points (1 update max per day)
  7. Post a new job. - 5 points
  8. Post a new blog post. - 5 points
  9. Create and send a call sheet via shoots. - 5 points
  10. Create a production agreement via shoots. - 5 points
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