Our mission is to build a community where we all thrive together! Which means we need to create more win-win relationships with you and others in our industry. We encourage you to promote the rockstars of our industry by giving them a referral.

How to get more points
  1. Receive a referral. - 100 points
  2. Write a referral for someone. - 50 points
  3. Invite your industry contacts to create a profile. - 25 points
  4. Share your page on Facebook. - 10 points/share
  5. Add portfolio videos to your page. - 5 points
  6. Make any updates to your profile. - 5 points (1 update max per day)
  7. Create and send a call sheet via shoots. - 5 points
  8. Create a production agreement via shoots. - 5 points
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