Camera Crew - Detroit, MI

Posted on: November 3, 2023

Detroit Area 4 Person Digital Cinematography Crew

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What is Digital Cinematography?

Videography and Digital Cinematography both relate to capturing footage, but they differ in the perspective brought to the process of filmmaking. A Videographers job is simply to capture footage. Digital Cinematography is also about capturing footage, but it differs from videography as it involves more strategic planning, artistic direction and decision-making, and requires a more specialized and experienced production team. Digital Cinematography not only captures images but also evokes a feeling in the audience. Our crew works to implore emotions and provoke thought, and tell stories in a unique way through the use of composition, framing, lighting, and design.


Director Of Photography (Cinematographer)

The Director Of Photography (Cinematographer) is responsible for the photographic heart of a production. They become intimately familiar with the subject matter and work closely with the client to discuss the look and feel of the project. They create a unique look through lighting, framing and camera movement, and make sure every shot is appropriate to the overall parameters of the project.

Camera Assistant

The Camera Assistant ensures the camera(s) are set up properly, test lenses and calculate focal distances to ensure all the shots are in tack sharp focus. They control and maintain camera equipment and insure data integrity by controlling the media stock.


The Gaffer works with the Director Of Photography (Cinematographer) to determine the vision for the lighting and creates a plan to execute that vision, including what equipment will be best for the project and adjusts to ensure the lighting is appropriate to the overall parameters of the project.

Sound Mixer

The Sound mixers is responsible for all the sound recorded during filming. This is predominantly dialogue but can include sound effects and atmosphere. They determine the best method of capturing sound, check for potential sound problems, and ensure audio from radio and boom microphones are recorded appropriately.




  • Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera Package
  • Zeiss or Sigma Full Frame SuperSpeed Prime Lenses
  • Electronic Field Production Audio Package
  • 1/2 Ton RGB LED Lighting and Grip Van Package
Camera Crew in Detroit, MI
$5000 / day
The rate is based on 10-hour day.
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Scott Pryor

Scott Pryor


SoDiG Does Amazing Work We have been working with SoDiG for upwards of 10 years, and their work is amazing. From small to large projects, from initial idea to a fully produced spot or motion piece, they're top notch. They truly are our "go to" source for our more involved broadcast and video work.
Paul Long

Paul Long


Above & Beyond Expectations Over 20 years and hundreds of projects SoDig has not only delivered the talent, skills and experience I needed (and then some!), they have also and always gone above and beyond. They have been willing to do whatever it takes in so many different ways on so very challenging projects. SoDig has given me a huge amount of confidence. Confidence that they have everything it takes to do a great job. Confidence that they have my back and will step up and step in to help save the day.