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The H is Silent, but I’m Not!  New York, NY / Commercial - VO

When narrating a commercial, seeking the author’s truth and conveying an effective Call To Action in under 15 seconds can be a challenge. With over 200 commercials under my belt, I have the experience and storytelling acumen to bring your Television Ad, Radio Spot, Public Service Announcement, YouTube pre-roll, or Pandora commercial to life without sounding cheesy. Unless you want me to, that is… The friendly, guy-next door sound that I’m known for is evolving as the voiceover industry is evolving. These days I’m focused on truly connecting with the copy, the visuals, the product, the brand, and most importantly, the audience. An understated, natural performance is what is called for more & more these days and I do everything I can to bring the subtleties of the story to life.