Promo Voiceover Demo

Matt Locker  New York, NY / Unknown

At the age of 16, Matt Locker showed up at his local CBS affiliate (WBNB-TV, St.Thomas) to learn “how TV was done”, and over three decades later, remains firmly planted in the business. In television, he is well versed in production and serves in front of lens appearing in numerous television commercials (including the first “Corona-On-The Beach” spots), training films, and he served as a news reporter, weather and news anchor. His first major motion picture appearance was in “Weekend At Bernies II”. Matt’s radio credits have him on the air across NY state, NJ, and The Virgin Islands. He studied theatre and has appeared on both regional and New York City stages. Matt finds his roots in both broadcasting and theater are a delightful combination for his primary passion, voice acting. A few of his credits include Discover Card, Q-NOL Ultra Co-Q10, Smooth-Away, Slimshots, Pepsi, KFC, Pizza Hut, ADP Systems, and Revlon. He his honored to hold nominations for his work in both “The 2015 Audio Verse” and the coveted Society Of Voice Arts and Sciences, “Voice Arts” awards for his work on “Powder Burns: An Original Western Audio Drama”. Matt was born in New York City, raised in the US Virgin Islands and now resides in New Jersey.