Scott Burns Voice and On-Camera Composite

Scott Burns Productions  Seattle, WA / Commercial - VO

This reel highlights some of the voiceover and on-camera work I’ve performed over the course of the years leading up to 2020.

Featured clients include UPS, Express/Old Navy, Skechers, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, and more…plus my most “famous” role as Bowser for Nintendo’s Super Mario games.

My voice acting strengths nest comfortably in character work, improvisation and ‘real guy.’ Impersonation has been the mainstay of my professional career as well, with a range encompassing pop culture icons such as Barney Fife, Tom Brokaw, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Primarily my mimicry skills have been utilized by corporate entities and museums to portray historical figures and beloved company founders in video retrospects.