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I have been in the production field for the past 15 years.  I work for a number of networks including The Discovery Channel, HGTV, ABC, FOX, DIY Network, and The Cooking Channel, among others. I also operate through my production company, Depthink, as well as outsourcing through other project platforms.

Through Depthink, I manage projects and communicate with clients. I pre-produce and assemble crews, direct talent, shoot, light, run sound, and post-produce.  I often operate as a one-man-band from start to finish, but will bring in additional help if the project calls for it.

I have experience with a wide variety of production cameras from DSLRS (5D, 7D, A7S, GH4) to cinema cameras (C100, C300, FS7).  I am a steadicam operator, drone pilot, and I have experience with a variety of sliders, stabilizers, and drone systems.

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