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Jambox.io offers film and videomakers an innovative subscription-based and single song music licensing platform. Jambox makes music licensing available to everyone through its meticulously curated catalog of songs and SFX. Customers get access to unlimited downloads of tracks for their video content, including detailed stems allowing for maximum creativity, flexibility and a high level of synergy with specific projects.

We connect our users to a better sound, to ridiculously good music, honestly. We also strongly believe that rendering music licensing accessible to all involves lowering the financial barriers to the market. Our goal is to ensure that our offers are tailored to each and every creator by allowing them to assemble their own licensing plans. To this end, we built a platform that offers a pricing point that can easily scale with one’s project needs. The customers need pay only what’s necessary within their specific project parameters.

Jambox customers get access to the most accurate metadata set in the industry, along with advanced search tools. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you’re in need of some inspiration, you’re guaranteed to find it on Jambox. Toggle through genres, moods, playlists, keywords and many more filters to discover the perfect soundtrack to your next project. You’re only a few clicks away from the perfect sound.

The company was founded on the idea of supporting artist clients and providing excellent customer service. With sophisticated, proprietary technical tools, Jambox delivers transparency and is able to account accurately for its services. We provide an intuitive and powerful search engine that saves our users’ time and keeps them in their creative zones.

Music Licensings in Baltimore, MD

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Danish Broadcasting Corporat…

When the visuals and the music pop in full synergy, the result can be quite amazing. Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR… View the Video

LOOKBOOK Spring 2021 – for…

RESERVED Clothing using "Introspector" by Gabriel Oberg on their Spring 2021 LOOKBOOK trailer. Gabriel Oberg is a Swedish based producer… View the Video

Snake Eyes | Final Trailer (…

Another enthralling custom trailer soundtrack by our in-house producer Yair Albeg Wein, alongside Harel Tsemah and Itay Steinberg for the… View the Video

DJI RS 2 & DJI RSC 2 - M…

Jambox artist Yair Albeg Wein's custom soundtrack really brings out the energy and dynamism on the new DJI spot. Israeli-born… View the Video


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