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Over 30 years of doing vo. Winner of One Voice Award for Outstanding Radio Commercial, Best Voiceover. Nominated for Best Radio Commercial for 2019 SOVAS Awards.

Male Voice Talents in Birmingham, AL

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Liberty Kia

This is an automotive commercial I voiced for Liberty Kia in New Jersey. I have enjoyed being the voice of… View the Video

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Justin has that perfect vocal tone and a wonderful personality. He's always in the conversation about voiceover awards because he's world class at it!

3 years ago

I'm proud to call Justin a friend! He's got a booming, beautiful voice, and is one heckuva big teddy bear. I'd hire him in an instant if I was shooting video. Glad to have partnered with him on the Team Challenge at VOA in 2019 - this is a guy you want on your team, because he's a team player. Hire. Justin. Now.

3 years ago

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