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Married With Mics

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Andy has 30 years experience behind the microphone, and now via his personal pro broadcast studio(Source Connect equipped). He can push the limits, exude credibility, be powerful and authoritative. Yet he’s just as comfortable in the role of the guy next door; friendly, confident and trustworthy. In his ongoing quest to stretch in VO, Andy works with industry-leading vocal coaches. Like all artists, he’s committed to continued development and brings his A-game to every project. His work includes commercial, narration, promo-trailer and imaging. With Andy, you’ve finally found your voice.

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Clean Choice Energy Commerci…

National US commercial highlighting the work President Biden and Vice President Harris building a clean energy future. Clean Choice Energy… View the Video

Automotive Demo - Andy James

Reach the ears of your potential customers with Andy James. He convinces consumers to take action with the power of… View the Video


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