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Moe Rock is an award-winning actress that has been rockin’ the mic for over 25 years! She’s voiced thousands of projects from commercials to narrations, animation to video games. She voiced national campaigns for Dawn Dish Soap, Puma, Walgreens, Walmart, and Dove, but her true love is Animation. She plays “Superintendent Gloria” on “The Tuttle Twins,” “Esme” on Cartoon Network’s “Badanamu Cadets,” “Grilda,” “Goupile” and “Mangiafiamma” on “The Enchanted Village of Pinocchio,” “Angelina” and “Coco” on “Street Football,” “Mathilde,” and “the Blacksmith” on “Robinhood – Mischief in Sherwood,” and voiced a variety of characters on video games such as “Ready or Not,” “The Blair Witch,” “Star Trek,” “Lake,” “THE ORIGIN: Blindmaid,” and “D&D NeverWinter.” She also is a Voice Director for several dubbing and animated shows, Casting Director and has done Script Adaptation and Spotting for several animated movies and shows.

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