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Oregon Camera Crew and Video Production Services

Easy to work with, nice gear, great technique. Those are the words that best describe us. We work all over the Northwest, and particularly in Oregon, delivering exactly what you ask for. We’re good at composition and depth of field, and know lighting is important. What make us stand out, though, is building relationships. Regularly, clients like Anderson Cooper, Publishers Clearinghouse and Tru-TV call us to do an interview and B-roll somewhere in Oregon. They know what they want, but don’t know the area or the lay of the land. We know Oregon. We’re comfortable going into the shoot, dealing with a nervous interviewee, and getting the shot. We’re not averse to make calls and do research on the shoot prior to showing up. We take care of the client, and take care of business. That’s why Crews Control, ABC News, 21st Century Business, USA Shooting and the Golf Channel call us time and again. We’ve done hanging out of helicopters, off the transom of a 38-foot sailboat, the hood of a Hummer and the basket of a boom truck. We’ve got the big camera, the little hand-held, and the 4K UAV. Call us. Count on us.



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