Santa Cruz Camera Crew and Video Production Services:

Starting out in graphic design and expanding to film and video projects has shown me that everything I’m interested in really comes down to storytelling. That’s what I’m passionate about, and that is what I will help you do with your project. I’ve got a wide range of skill and I’m easy to work with. I can put together the plan from start to finish, or I can follow your lead and help you with what you need. Let’s tell some stories!

Anthony’s Story:

When I was a kid I could draw, so I asked myself “what can I do with that?” Design was the path I took. It takes art and adds communication & purpose. Throw in ever changing technologies and you have a recipe for an interesting journey filled with challenges and discoveries. Turns out I was right – it’s been fun.

I worked for a bunch of years and eventually decided I wanted to finish my degree to expand my skills and possibly teach one day so I went to Otis. It was a great experience to go back to school after working for a decade in the field – I feel I appreciated it more than most, and took every opportunity to learn all I could while I was there.

Creativity drives me. When I have a good idea it won’t leave me alone until I make it. This has led me to become a filmmaker, a writer, a luthier, a musician, a photographer…I have a lot of projects.

Somehow at the same time as growing into an artist I managed to develop a great sense of order and balance as well. A lot of artists are an unreliable mess, but I am one of the most organized people you’ll ever meet.
The creativity is good for the art, and the organization is good for design.


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Primary Roles
  • Editor


  • Canon 7D
  • GoPro
  • Canon Lenses
Grip & Lighting
  • Small Light Kit
Camera Support
  • Monopod
  • Tripod
  • Boom Mic
  • Portable Multi-Channel Mixer & Recorder
  • Tascam
  • Walkie Talkies


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5 Stars
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We booked Anthony as a grip from a referral from Roger and looking forward to hiring him for other roles.

3 years ago