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Seelie Studios is a multimedia production and marketing group, with a 13 year history of creating and promoting, engaging and award winning film/video, audio, and mixed media productions.

We create community around our work, because ultimately, we love great artists and we love people who appreciate the work of artists like we do.

Founded by beloved geek culture media personality and producer, the late Don Dehm, Seelie Studios has produced and marketed: hundreds of episodes of branded entertainment and narrative fiction multimedia series; promotional media for artists (book trailers; audio books; music videos, etc); critically acclaimed and fan beloved independent films; news programs; documentaries; podcasts; tv, radio and web commercials; marketing videos and more.

We have worked with companies both international and small. We have even partnered with other companies and individuals to help make their vision a reality, and a success through consulting services.

​Seelie Studios has always been about innovation, getting ahead of the curve on trends creating opportunity for other great artists and to connect with great audiences who will find joy and inspiration from that art.

​Now led by multiple award winning filmmaker, actor and entertainment marketing expert Eric Schumacher, Seelie Studios continues its legacy of pursuing bold new business visions in the entertainment industry.

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