Laura Keenan possesses that air of authority and a rich, textured voice that makes you want to lean in and listen.

She’s a real, believable, strong female voice over talent.
– For Political voice over, Laura will convey the writers message with engagement and inspiration for Candidate ads, warm and empathetic for advocacy issue ads to the sass and swagger necessary in attack
– For Elearning modules, Laura reads with precision & accuracy while keeping the warmth and human attachment the student or staff needs. She has mastered the pacing and degree of energy the module calls for so the student is comfortable and absorbs the material as she guides them through.
– For Automotive ads, her versatility brings her from high energy hard sell ads to the silky smooth delivery necessary for luxury ads. Not to mention the sass and swagger she delivers for trucks and SUV’s.
– For Corporate Narration she is the voice of authority for whatever level of formality you need. She presents your companies accomplishments with motivation and inspiration.
– For Commercials, she is engaging, inspiring, warm, thoughtful, believable and can go from silk to steel in ads that call for attitude.

Whatever your script calls for, Laura emanates the strength and passion needed to convey the meaning as the writer intended .


Audio Portfolio

ELG Bank Original Script by …

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

If you want a voice over talent that is relatable and sincere for your bank spots, Laura has the voice… View the Video

PFG Bank Original Script by …

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

Banking Commercial Making your life easier. Laura is the perfect voice over talent for the professional setting of a banking… View the Video

Firemaster Grill Original Sc…

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

This is a really fun BBQ Grilling spot. You will find that Laura really digs into the adventure of grilling… View the Video

Olivers Breakfast Original S…

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

Very fun food commercial featuring a high energy Labrador dog - drooling for food. Playful, Fun, Humorous, Conversational, Friendly, Cute,… View the Video

Ford Bronco Original Script …

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

You need a strong female voice over talent for your truck and SUV commercials and Laura is that talent. This… View the Video

Bulleit Bourbon Original Scr…

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

Laura has the smooth, refined voice needed for wine and spirits commercials. Her whiskey honey voice is the signature for… View the Video

Corporate Narration Demo by …

Voiceover Reel - Los Angeles, CA

Laura has the voice of authority with a textured sound for your corporate narration needs. This type of narration requires… View the Video

Napa Valley Travel Commercia…

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

Want to travel to Napa Valley? Laura is an expert at voicing travel with her smooth, captivating, classy and sophisticated… View the Video

Pet City Original Copy by Si…

Commercial - VO - Los Angeles, CA

Playful Pet Commercial with advocacy for giving back for other, less fortunate pets. Playful, Passionate, Engaging, Conversational, Warm & Friendly,… View the Video

Harley Davidson Original Scr…

Voiceover Reel - Los Angeles, CA

This original script gives you a taste of Laura's tough and rugged side. The cool Harley Davidson gal with a… View the Video

Elearning Demo by Silk and S…

Voiceover Reel - Los Angeles, CA

For Elearning voice over you need that warm and engaging guide so your students can follow the lessons and be… View the Video

Automotive Demo by Silk and …

Voiceover Reel - Los Angeles, CA

This Automotive Demo showcases Tier III Incentive Ads, Regional ads, National Ads. You will find the incentive ads engaging, energetic,… View the Video

Commercial Demo - Silk and S…

Voiceover Reel - Los Angeles, CA

This commercial demo showcases Laura's versatility. You will find tones that are: Humorous, witty, authoritative, believable, confident, warm, empathetic, inspiring,… View the Video

Political Demo - Laura Keena…

Voiceover Reel - Los Angeles, CA

This Political Demo showcases Candidate Positive, Candidate Negative, Attack ad, Issue Positive, Issue Negative & Amusing. Tones are from Inspiring,… View the Video


Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Female
Secondary Roles
  • Post Production


  • Audio Booth


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