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I am a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, sound engineer, music producer and composer. I play the drums, electric guitar, flamenco guitar, bass guitar, piano, and a little saxophone. Currently working as a freelance composer for TV ads, Film and Videogames. I have studied musical instruments, and music interpretation theory and language since I was the age of 10. Currently enrolled in the Music Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona studying Modern Piano, and also enrolled in the School of Video Game Audio to study Wwise.

My Goal:
To work on media projects as an audio and music specialist that require audio/music/sounds as part of their content.

•Music compositions and production of any kind of genre
•Skills – Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Piano
•Sound recording, editing, mixing and mastering
•Audio post-production and sound design using Ableton, Logic and ProTools
•Foley, ADR and SFX recording
•Interactive audio implementation using Wwise

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