Brian Bacino Directorial Highlight Reel

Little Kiss Productions  San Francisco, CA / Commercial

Brian Bacino Directorial Highlight 2020 Reel starring SF Giants, Honda, eBay, Yahoo Sports, and more, featuring DP’s Andy Lilien, Cliff Traiman, Kevin Emmons, EP’s Mark Dwyer, Jed Mortenson, editorial heroes: Nate Robinson, Jessie Boots, Alan Chimenti, Michael Pickman-Thoon, Don Creed. Little kisses to all who touched.

I consider myself a strategic film maker sworn to the art of storytelling and design, with a stylish wit, and an obsession with craft, technology and influencing human behavior through video. My journey as an ad agency writer, creative director and film director, creating TV spots and digital content for Levi’s, MTV, Fox Sports, eBay, Yahoo, Taco Bell, Hilton, Honda and MLB, has given me a master class in film & video production. I learned from the finest film makers and motion graphic artists in the world, having worked with David Fincher, Christopher Guest, Tarsem, Zack Snyder and graphic talents David Carson, Brand New School and Motion Theory.