California Raisins

Blake Barnett  Fresno, CA / Corporate

California Raisins Video Production Project During the 1980s, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” commercials made sure the world was aware of the California Raisin. But that was a long time ago and the California Raisin Marketing Board no longer enjoys those big media budgets. What they did have was a production budget for a nine-part video series to sell the features of the California Raisin to bakers, restaurateurs, schools and food processors around the world. We approached this production in our usual manner, with extensive research to understand the scope of the project, the industry jargon, and to gain insights into the needs of our varied target audiences. Following approval of our scripts and storyboards, we began our yearlong production process filming the California Raisins: Beginning in early spring and ending in the autumn. We also cast and directed multiple video shoots involving consumers, mostly children, as they are the most likely consumers of snacking raisins. Thanks to this series’ scope and timeline, Blare Media learned a great deal about developing and producing large-scale video productions. Please watch one of our nine videos to see what we’ve learned. Contact us today to discuss your next California video production project.