CORPORATE VIDEO REEL  Los Angeles, CA / Corporate

• As a content-projects creator I shot and edited over 200 branded videos for various platforms (Facebook, IG, YouTube and others) during 2019-2021
• Wrote scripts for documentaries, commercials and video sales letters.
• Created director’s storyboards with quick pencil sketches before shooting.
• Directed, filmed and edited professional video sales letters and commercials which lead to a 247% increase in revenue YTD.
• As a team leader was responsible for all the pre-production details: actors casting, location scouting, timing, budgeting etc.
• Worked on filming and post-production processes: video editing, visual effects, color correction, sound design.
• Overseen freelance production and post-production specialists, such as Sound mixers, Makeup and Special effects artists.
• Actively collaborated with senior management to provide strategic advice and guidance on project management and production issues related to all video content