Eric Galler Demo National Geographic: Archaeology

Eric Galler  Unknown / Demo Reel

National Geographic: Archaeology Demo. Producer-Director Eric Galler

Eric is a mission-driven creative power producer with a demonstrated accomplished history of crafting compelling stories, spearheading creative teams, and operational management. He is a transformational leader with excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.

The genres and productions in which he has experience include scripted and non-scripted, drama, action, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, documentary, reality, full feature motion pictures, television entertainment, promotional, exploration, adventure, archaeology, natural history, wild animal, oceanography, aviation technology, astro science, crime, war, comedy, meteorology, quantum theory, educational, travel, geology, game competition, sports, craft, build, renovation, kids, food, lifestyle, fitness, brand, corporate, commercial, social media, experimentation, and investigation.

Portfolio of networks, media, and clients include; Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Smithsonian Institution, Military Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, Science Channel, History Channel, A&E, USA, ABC, BBC, Netflix, Roku, Slice (CAN), MTV, Blueprint/NBCUniversal, Warner Bros.(WB), U.S.-Aid, SETI, UNESCO, IRADA, TWIG (Scotland), Turner, Proctor and Gamble, Mattel, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, York Entertainment, Twilight Productions Ltd., The Great Courses Plus, the Royal Scientific Society and the United Nations.