GTM INC  San Antonio, TX / Corporate

Video featuring the FLUOTEC Lineup by Ing. Jose Maria Noriega C.A.S. 
NAB Exhibitors Advisory Committee International Exhibitors Representative at NAB Show and Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer of FLUOTEC / GTM INC
As Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer of FLUOTEC,
I deal with a fantastic team of experts in their field.
We design & manufacture a complete line of lighting luminaires for Television Studios,
Theaters, Churches, Press Rooms, and Cinema Stages.
I am responsible for leading the international sales and market positioning strategies
for FLUOTEC´s Television, Theater, Video, Photography and Cinema LED lighting products.
Basic FAQ
How to perfectly illuminate your scenes, stages, and talents
to achieve different reactions
Technical level How to light for technical proficiency
Aesthetic level How to create attractive lighting combinations
Emotional level How to create creative atmospheres 
Psychological level How to create symbolization or represent moods This video introduces the Award-Winning CINELIGHT & StudioLED DMX LED Panel Reflectors and VEGALUX & AURALUX STUDIO LED Fresnels