Greene Street – CCSD Focus

Blake Barnett  Las Vegas, NV / Corporate

Clark County School District of Las Vegas, Nevada is doing wondrous things these days. The people in charge have found effective ways to help the students and faculty to increase the quality of education and help funds get to the most useful places in what can sometimes become a complicated maze of choices. By working with the Greene Street agency, Blare Media was able to create a short video detailing just what the school district is doing to not only make wholesale changes to the way students are being taught, but to interact with them on a personal level to help them get the most out of their education. We had a great time seeing some marvelous things in the many schools we visited, including robotics labs, “flight school” and many forms of art like traditional dancing, choir, and theatre. We were aided in our efforts by local grips like Unico Clemente who did an outstanding job. Ian and Justin McAleece were responsible for the cinematography. We used Sony FS5 cameras and a Panasonic GH5. Mauricio Tapia handled editing duties for Blare and did so under a tight timeline by working overtime to deliver the goods!