Kaplan College

BLARE Media  Fresno, CA / Commercial

Branding Video for Kaplan College

Here is the 60 second branding video we did with JP Marketing for Kaplan College. Byron Watkins directed this spot which was part of a 5 spot national campaign that we did in October of 2010. The storyboard required us to shoot in Fresno, Yosemite, Morro Bay, Las Vegas and lots of places in-between. The spots were expertly produced by Jane and Sara of JP Marketing with help from Justin and Nicole McAleece of BLARE Media. Ian and Justin McAleece were the Cinematographers for all the spots in the series and really had a great time flexing their muscles with G&E packages from partners like Greg Amaro and Richard of JR lighting. When we needed a second camera crew we called on Jason Sanders and Blake Hooks who did a masterful job setting up simultaneous sets. Belin Parks was the Lead hair and makeup and many other people contributed. Nicole McAleece handled the on set duties as Script Supervisor and allowed us with everyone’s efforts to come in on-time and under budget with a huge cast and many shooting locations. Thanks everyone!