Logan Lee Documentary

Nate Doane  Phoenix, AZ / Commercial

Verde Smiles was looking for a unique video that followed the story of one of their case studies. I drove up to Sedona and spent a few days with Logan Lee and his family. Logan told me he was addicted to speed and later meth at an unfortunately young age, and his mother told me that he no longer smiled due to the state of his teeth. Logan and his wife got themselves out of addiction by deciding to work hard and get the licensing to open a coffee and sandwich truck called Toasted Roasters.

After speaking to Logan and his family at their home, I documented his surgery and interviewed Dr. Sharifi. Dr. Sharifi and I bonded over talking about what an amazing journey Logan had been through and how excited we were for his future. I then took some time to document all of the technology in his office to show the inclusivity of their care and detailed approach to creating the implants.

I directed a skeleton crew for this shoot consisting of myself as the director, a camera operator, a sound engineer, and my producer. We shot on a Canon C200 and used both a lav mic and boom mic to capture our audio. I then edited in Premiere and colored the CRAW in Resolve. Audio was mixed using Audition with third-party audio processing plugins.