NBC Universal E – New York Fashion Week (2016)

Kinopicz American  Columbus, OH / Commercial

Not every project finds us at the creative helm—we do some of our best work in a supporting role.

Our friends at leftchannel have twice partnered with us to provide studio facilities and high-speed video production for their projects with NBC Universal’s E! channel.

Shooting uncompressed 1000fps on the Phantom Flex4K produced massive amounts of data that gave leftchannel great creative latitude in their animation, compositing, and color grading workflows.

Throughout the rigorous shooting schedules, our team kept the productions on track and on budget while providing a client experience that won praises from the network.

Filmed @ Kinopicz American Studio 2015

For more info and behind the scenes, check out https://kinopicz.com/work/e-nyfw-promos/