NEDMA Webinar presents: Marketing During the Pandemic and Beyond with Bob Cargill

ShaLaLaLa Productions  Albuquerque, NM / Live Streaming

(Description as written by Bob Cargill for NEDMA)

In this presentation, Bob Cargill will talk about the importance of authenticity and immediacy in marketing, especially as witnessed during this pandemic. He will share a handful of examples of brands that have pivoted during these tough times, changing up their messaging to align with how consumers are feeling about the world these days. You will learn how the social in social media can help you put a face on your brand and build trust among your audience which can lead to long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships.

webinar productions and edited by ShaLaLaLa Productions
Executive Producer: Robert W. Lee
Chief Operating Technician: John Kovaleski

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