Victor Hugo Ferreira – Professional Filmmaker’s Vimeo Account

VHF Productions Films  Miami, FL / Demo Reel

Victor Hugo Ferreira DEMO REEL 2021 final version
Director / Assistant Director / Cinematographer / Writer / Line Producer
VHF Productions. 2021
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Additional footage provided by:
“I Can’t Breathe”(2014), Backstage Films.
“Three Sons”(2015), JH Films & VHF Productions.
“TRAUMA”(2016), JH Films & VHF Productions.
“STILLBORN”(2017), Duskhouse Pictures.
“Rose of el Rio”(2018), Reality Dreamers.
“ANTONI-A”(2020), M2 Miguel Miller Films.

Soundtrack from “TILL DEATH DO WE PART”(2017) composed and designed by Andrew Gonzalez and Sammy Gonzalez.
DEMO REEL 2021 final version music rights provided by:
The Bull Productions Entertainment Group.