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Tendly Explainer Video Narration Sample
Voice Descriptors: Friendly, Narration, Confident, Informative, Approachable, Conversational
A number of companies are bringing tech to early education. Tadpoles, Kinderlime and Brighthweel developed childcare management software for preschools and daycares, giving parents insight into what their kids are doing when they’re away.

Parents used to rely on paper to sign kids in and out of day care, make payments to schools and get crucial updates from people they entrust with their youngest family members.

Now, schools, day care centers and even summer camps and Sunday schools are going digital with apps from start-ups including Brightwheel, Kangarootime, Kinderlime and Tadpoles.

Typically, these apps let parents enroll their kids, pay for day care and get daily secure messages — with photos — showing them how and what their children are doing at school.