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Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

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Camera OperatorProduction AssistantDIT
"Hello! My name is Tyler Carrell, and I own Ponderosa Video Assist, LLC. I specialize in Advanced Video Assist and Data Wrangling on commercial and film sets, however, I also work as a Camera Operator, 1st AC, and 2nd AC My video assist rig consists of… Thunderbolt 2 AJA IO4K for feed ingestion Blackmagic Videohub for routing Macbook Pro with the faster 2.5Ghz processor Qtake Recording and Playback Software PreSonus XLR IO device with 2 XLR inputs Thunderbolt 2 24TB RAID 5 system, a printer 1 – 17” Sony Production Monitor 1 – 24” Sony Production Monitor Both monitors come on rollers with sandbags, and if there is a need for additional monitors, I can subrent them. The first time I am brought on by a new production company, I always give them a $150 discount on their 1st invoice. I’m based out of the Bloomington area, but I work in Indianapolis, Indianapolis Suburbs, Louisville, and Cincinnati areas at local rates. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time at 317-522-3852 or at [email protected]. Thanks and Have a Nice Day, Steven “Tyler” Carrell Ponderosa Video Assist, LLC (317) 522-3852 [email protected]"
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