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Andrew Randall is a versatile British-born actor, presenter and voice-over talent now residing in the United States.

In addition to voicing the iconic GEICO GECKO on Pandora, he has performed in the style of many other well-known fictional and real characters for animations, video games, commercials, and corporate videos, such as …

– J.A.R.V.I.S. (from “Iron Man”)
– GHOST (from “Call of Duty”)
– C-3PO (from “Star Wars”)
– EBENEEZER SCROOGE (from “A Christmas Carol”)
– SANTA CLAUS (from The North Pole)
– JOHN CLEESE (from “Monty Python,” “Fawlty Towers” and more)
– ALBERT EINSTEIN (from … well, E=MC2 and all that)
– and DAVID ATTENBOROUGH (from every wildlife documentary ever, right?)

… and he has created countless original voices, from a REGULAR GUY NEXT DOOR to a SCURVY PIRATE.

A full-time voice talent since 2009, Andrew comes out of his sound booth whenever he can for on-camera roles, including the lead role in a TV sitcom pilot, co-starring roles in a full-length feature and an unscripted TV show, plus numerous lead roles in commercials, industrials and training videos.

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Characters & Accents Dem…

Characters & Accents Video Demo for Andrew Randall. This demo includes voicing the iconic GEICO GECKO on Pandora, and portraying… View the Video

Corporate / Industrials Demo…

VISIT HTTPS://ANDREWRANDALL.COM for full details and more demo reels. This is Andrew Randall's Corporate / Industrials Voice-overs Video Demo Reel,… View the Video

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Children's Audiobooks Demo R…

This is a video demo reel of Children's audiobook samples narrated by Andrew Randall, featuring the classics "Goodnight Moon," by… View the Video

Fiction Audiobooks Demo Reel

This is a video demo reel of fiction audiobook samples narrated by Andrew Randall, featuring the classics "A Christmas Carol,"… View the Video

Commercials Video Demo Reel

This is a video version of Andrew Randall's Commercials Voice-over Demo Reel and it demonstrates his versatility by showcasing a… View the Video

Characters & Accents Vid…

A bunch of quirky character voices, including the iconic GEICO GECKO, J.A.R.V.I.S from the "Iron Man" movies, Santa Claus, Scrooge… View the Video

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Inter-Voices - Galina Leskaya
I have worked with this company for many years, producing everything from character voices for video games and animations to, most recently, a voice-over for a video game trailer -- " Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio" -- for which Galina was the project manager.
ELM - Stephanie Rychel

ELM - Stephanie Rychel

Lead, Project Manager and QA

I have been providing narration services for this e-Learning company for many years and have enjoyed delivering work not just in my own voice, but using various character voices, too, in order to keep the content fresh and lively for the listeners.



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