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Hello, my name is CJ Mullin and I’m a voice artist with over 7 years of experience narrating for all types of content. I narrate corporate videos, explainer videos, children’s content, training programs, audiobooks, and more!

Some of the companies I have worked for are Pfizer, SimpliSafe, Microsoft 365, and Lasko just to give you a small glimpse into my experience.

I work from my own home studio that is outfitted with all of the best equipment.

Thanks for checking out my profile, and each out to me today to discuss your role!

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Check out this introductory video I made to see and hear what my voice sounds like on some finished products!  These… View the Video

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Hello, here is my voiceover demo!  It covers a wide range of content types to show you the versatility that I… View the Video

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Doug Brown

Doug Brown

Instructional Designer

I am an instructional designer with Drake Software, a company that provides tax prep software for tax professionals, such as accoutants. Additionally, we provide a large library of continuing education courses to help these tax professionals gain the CE units they need for their various types of certifications. That’s my role. I manage DrakeCPE, including the design and development of new courses, as well as website design, product management, and marketing for the DrakeCPE library. (We refer to continuing ed courses as CPE, continuing professional education.) For context, I have done this sort of work for various companies over my career, including major banks and healthcare systems. I’m a seasoned educator. CJ has been one of my narrators for these CPE courses for about two years. In fact, he is my go-to narrator. He provides voiceovers for our written self-study courses and he sometimes narrates the introduction material for our webinars. As an estimate, I’d say he has narrated close to 20 courses for us over the last two years. Those courses have word counts that vary between 6,000 to 25,000 words. Which is to say, CJ has done plenty of work for us. I feel confident evaluating his finished product as well as how he goes about his work. My evaluation: CJ’s finished work is flawless. I often have to request re-recordings from some of my narrators. Rarely is that necessary with CJ. He consistently delivers error-free narrations. His tone is both warm and professional. I believe he is capable of a range of voice tones, but he definitely nails the tone that we need for tax prep CPE – authoritative, confident, and yet still personable and easy to listen to. He has integrity. I fully trust him to manage his time and invoice us accurately. He is efficient. He consistently delivers on time. He communicates with me very well. If he has a question or problem, he reaches out promptly and responds promptly. Similarly, he is very good at taking direction from me. In short, I give CJ Mullin my highest recommendation.


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