Elysa Quintella is a Sacramento-based makeup artist. Finding her passion for a career in makeup artistry through fashion, she spent a brief time interning at fashion shows and modeling while in college. During her academic career at Sacramento State, she became curious about the workings of theatrical productions, and introduced herself to stage makeup. Volunteering her time as a student makeup assistant quickly became the foundation of her makeup education, as a self-taught artist.

With her niche in beauty & fashion, Elysa’s artistry enhances natural beauty, yet is always infused with elements of glamour. Radiant skin, shimmering eyelids, and a smokey winged liner are her go-tos. An organizational nerd and product lover, she prides herself on maintaining both an aesthetically pleasing and hygienic kit – with the safety of her clientele always at the forefront. Possessing a well-rounded skill set, Elysa has provided makeup for commercial shoots and a number of editorials.


Primary Roles
  • Hair/Makeup


Grip & Lighting
  • Small Light Kit


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