Lee Jagow

Voice Actor/Narrator

LJ Audio Productions   Aurora, IL


Started in 2013 and Full time Voice Actor since 2016

Thanks for the opportunity to apply as voiceover.

I have been a voice actor and narrator since 2013 and work from my professional recording studio. I have completed training, eLearning, YouTube, explainer videos for clients around the World.

I am currently narrating a Bible Study program of 47 segments for BibleTalk.TV.

I have recurring projects for legal summations and HR on boarding videos for clients in IN and CA.

I recently completed narration of 8 episodes of a TV documentary series “Convicted But Innocent”. In June I completed narration of 13 episodes of a TV nature documentary “Impossible Planet” and last year narrated 13 episodes of TV documentary series “35 Serial Killers the World Wants to Forget”. I have narrated 6 one hour TV Documentaries on the subjects of JFK, Mt. Everest, Cannabis, Princess Diana, WWll and Elvis.

I narrated 13 audiobooks of Mark Twain which are currently available on audible.com under my pseudonym. I recently have completed narration of 30 other audiobooks on subjects of relationships, affiliate marketing, passive income and various business publications including one from Amazon’s Best Seller List under my name.

Other VO projects include corporate presentations and image videos, eLearning, commercials, explainer and YouTube videos for Clients like:

Sigga Technologies, Irvine Company, Scot Forge, Deloitte, Sunovion, Hilton Hotels, ESA Business School, Image Resources, Altibase, Univ. of Delaware, EntertainMe Productions and McAfee.

Here’s what you get when we work together:

Exceptional service from my previous experience in training service Teams that have been some of the strongest in the Brand.

Delivery of on time, complete and high-quality audio recording in your preferred formats.

Team collaboration while understanding the full scope and audience of the project along with the intention and vision of the director.

I look forward to working with you, so let’s have a conversation as to how we can make this happen.

Lee, Voice Actor

LJ Audio Productions                                                      ljaudioproductions.com

Aurora, IL


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I have nothing but good things to say about my friend Lee. he's very active in nearly every bit of content I put out there in the Global Voiceover Artists Network on Facebook...he's really involved in the discussion, which is exactly what you want each and every member to do...be involved. I love that he cares enough to talk and discuss and grow with the rest of us. He's a super audiobook narrator and one heckuva nice guy. Proud to have him on our team.

10 months ago