Rex Anderson, Voice Actor

Rex Anderson, Voice Actor

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Baltimore Video Production Services:

I am a professional voice actor, working full-time in commercial, corporate, and character work since 2013.

If you’re here, most of the work is already done. No need to spend weeks hoarding and sorting through hundreds of auditions, or hours on casting sites listening to demo after uninspired demo. You need good work, done well, and quickly. Let Rex show you how easy it is to get the right voice for your project.

Need an audition read? No problem, Rex works at home from his custom-built, acoustically treated recording studio. Ready to record? Even better! Click the button below and let’s get started!

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Destiny: Solas - Episode 1

A Guardian is risen from the dead by a mysterious visitor, and must now navigate the strange world that surrounds… View the Video

TV/In-Show Narration

A professional TV narrator needs more than the ability to read long passages with aplomb. More than excellent eye-brain-mouth coordination.… View the Video

Corporate Narration Demo

WHAT IS A ‘CORPORATE’ VIDEO? Corporate video is an umbrella term that encapsulates an array of project types and fields.… View the Video

Commercial Demo - SOVAS Awar…

Looking for an authentic guy-next-door for your commercial? How about a commanding voice, exuding authority? Or perhaps your script needs… View the Video



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