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With 10 years of experience in the filmmaking industry, Christophe Bachelerie brings not only extensive expertise but also an enduring passion and dedication that continues to grow over time.

Christophe is available as both a Director of Photography and a Director, boasting experience across various genres, including documentaries, corporate videos, broadcast productions, multi-camera live streaming, music videos, and commercials.

We have a highly skilled team of professionals who can handle your entire project, regardless of its size. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your specific project requirements.

For your shooting needs, we offer a wide range of equipment options. From the budget-friendly Panasonic GH6 to the top-of-the-line Alexa Cameras we have cameras to suit every budget. Whether you prefer shooting in HD or 4K/6K we provide the necessary tools. Christophe takes pride in consistently delivering cinematic imagery and compelling storytelling, irrespective of the project at hand.

Furthermore, Christophe is available for filmmaking workshops, seminars, talks, and private tuition. Additionally, he is open to on-camera presenting work.

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