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Full-time freelance voice talent working out of my own professional home studio. A voice sounding not unlike Sam Elliott.

bBeen running my chops into the microphone ever since 1999 when I was booked by a morning radio show that was broadcast over a semi regional market for my ability to mimic the ever popular Looney Tunes – Marvin Martian , the (Joe Alaskey) rendition –

Once I learned that I could actually get paid for the words coming out of my mouth, I decided to pursue this venture – It has been a rocky road, a hard climb and a learning experience to say the least, but persistence and the desire to do what I love, has finally prevailed.

I am a full time voice over artist that now finds himself being hired for my ability to impersonate many well-known character and celebrity voices – Like Larry the cable guy Characters, Chris Tucker, Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Jimmy Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Redd Foxx – Fred Sanford, Morgan Freeman, Pat Buttram – Mr. Haney, Sean Connery, Eddie Murphy Characters, Disney’s Goofy, my signature “Sam Elliott” & the list goes on…..

I have been and can be heard on many networks including Spike TV, The Outdoor channel, Pursuit channel, Sportsman channel, Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, History channel along with an array of radio & TV commercial spots broadcast all over the country, Movie Promos / Trailers and you can even hear me “in a movie” or two –

I am always up for the challenge, looking for ways to improve my craft and working to ensure that my clients are 100% satisfied with end results.

Hopefully all of the above makes some sense, it did to me as I was typing it – If you have any questions or just want to share some ideas, please feel free to reach out to me, I am always happy to help out in any way possible, Pretty easy guy to get along with.


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We recently were hired to do quite a few corporate videos for RAC (Raisin Administrative Committee). The client was very specific on the type of voice he wanted for all the videos. There were 9 in total and all were pretty lengthy. He suggested we call Sam Elliott... I let the client know that was going to be extremely pricey! I suggested finding someone that sounded like Sam Elliot, the client was open to the suggestion so the search began. Durning our search we stumbled across Joe Pike and oh boy he did not disappoint! His tone, inflection , professionalism, kindness and turn-around time were AMAZING! We had several changes in script throughout our editing process and he always came through in order to meet our deadline. I would highly recommend Joe Pike to anyone whether you are looking for a Sam Elliot sound a like or just a professional sounding voice, Joe can do it all!

3 years ago