Bakersfield Heart Hospital – Countdown

Jean-Luc Slagle  Bakersfield, CA / Commercial

Narrative TV Commercial for Bakersfield Heart Hospital. Directed and edited by Jean-Luc Slagle. We worked with eMedia and Bakersfield Heart Hospital to create and execute this TV Campaign. A heart attack won’t always give you a clear sign before it happens — that’s why its important to know if you’re at risk. We filmed at notable locations in Bakersfield, including Cafe Smitten and the Marketplace.

Clear storyboards, location scouts, and some help from some additional crew at Blare Media made for a well-organized 2-day production. In addition to our pre-production and production roles we also completed 2 visual effects shots; replacing the hazy, overcast valley horizon with a brighter, more optimistic skyline.