Brick MADNESS Movie Trailer

Justin McAleece  Fresno, CA / Feature Film

In a world without LEGO, Cedric Donovan, a critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker is our tour guide as we delve deep in to the world of Brix. This is a world dominated by two titans of personality and success. The Godfather of Brix, Max Grand, is the 7-time champion and most famous competitive brick builder of of all time. Unfortunately, he had his career cut tragically short when he was accused of “gluing.” There to pick up the torch was Ricky 6. He is brash, arrogant and extremely successful, having won 6 tournaments since Max Grand played his last. Cut in to Seth Paxson, a young hero with a heart of gold who has to save his charity from the clutches of deceit.

Add to this a brilliant cadre of characters. Wyatt is the lovable geek, Delilah is the beautiful but slightly out of place girl, and there are many others. As the tournament draws to a close the ultimate showdown will emerge. Will Ricky 6 continue to exert his dominance or will an underdog find a way to win and bring vindication to a disgraced hero? Brick MADNESS has a wicked sense of humor, a lot of heart, and of course, a ton of brick building mayhem.