Increff | Animated Logistics Explainer Video

MotionGility  Pittsburgh, PA / Commercial

Considering the increase in e-commerce transactions worldwide, it can be overwhelming for brick-and-mortar stores to leverage the online wave of orders being offline and also deliver goods to a bigger target market. To cater to such problems, Increff has a hassle-free solution. Through its Omnichannel Retailing concept, Increff O2O [Offline to Online] provides a single-view dashboard system to manage all B2B and B2C inventories. Here’s how our animated video is helping Increff spread the word about its O2O module efficiently: – Through the use of rich infographics, the platform reaches the target audience, educates & engages them effectively. – By using the Motion Graphics animation style, the video crisply helps demonstrate the constant flow of key features and benefits which store owners can enjoy and expand their customer base. – Finally, an energetic background voiceover guides viewers throughout the entire system by hooking their attention till the completion of the video. By doing so, we ensured the video reaches its target audience and drives traffic to its website.