Influencers vs. The Indestructible: Valyou Furniture’s Viral Campaign

Altered State Productions  Dallas, TX / Commercial

We invited the Internet’s favorite creators to try and destroy the Internet’s favorite sofa. Meet the team who took on the challenge to destroy the Cloud Couch Sofa Dupe by using various household substances, including ketchup, mustard, dirt, wine, crayons, and more. The creators took on the challenge to see how the sofa holds up to spills, stains, and other messes that can happen in a busy household. They tested the sofa’s durability and stain resistance, and challenged the internet’s question: Does the Feathers Sofa by Valyou Furniture Live up to the Hype? Join the team of top creators as they put the Washable & Stain-Proof Feathers Cloud Sofa through its paces and test its durability and stain resistance.