Jason Ryan’s 2022 Narrative Cinematography Demo Reel

Psychicflyingmonkey Productions  Phoenix, AZ / Feature Film

This is Jason Ryan’s 2022 narrative cinematography demo reel, featuring his work from feature films, short films, music videos and proof-of-concept videos. The main goal in Jason Ryan’s cinematography is to collaborate with the director to develop a look, compose shots and move the camera in a way that will best inform the subject material. “While the technical aspect of cinematography is very important, the artistic aspect is even more important,” says Jason. “The mark of a true professional is consistency, and my work is consistently artistic and high quality.” Jason combines his knowledge of art history, life experience, observance of light in nature, many thousands of hours of shooting film, 4K & HD video and stills, study of the work and methods of the world’s best cinematographers and his emotional response to what he’s shooting to produce a strong, original visual voice.