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Jason Ryan is an Arizona-based cinematographer, director and camera op. He was nominated for a Best Cinematography award from the International Academy of Web Television in 2013 for his work on the web series Western X. In 2011 his short BMX film, “Solo” won Best Short Film at the world’s largest action sports film festival, X-Dance. In 2009 Jason’s music video for Sarah Darling’s “Whenever it Rains” reached #2 on CMT’s Hot 20 Music Video Countdown. His films are distributed in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and his work has aired on PBS, NBCSN, SPIKE, OLN, FSN, CMT, GAC, OXYGN, RFD-TV and FUEL.


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Primary Roles
  • Director
  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography


  • Canon
  • Canon 7D
  • Blackmagic
  • Blackmagic 4k
  • Lense Filters
Grip & Lighting
  • Small Grip Kit
  • Medium Light Kit
Camera Support
  • Tripod
  • Monopod
  • Boom Mic


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  1. Avatar
    Ro Leon

    I’ve work with Ryan many times. He’s worked as a camera operator, DP and a director. Has a great eye and is very methodical in his approach.

  2. Blare Films AZ
    Blare Films AZ

    Jason Ryan is a solid camera operator and DP. He has done a great job for us and has gone above and beyond.