My Project Life Trailer

Samuel Silva Sanches  Burbank, CA / Short Film

Logline. A self-centered young man who does not value his family is forced to spend a day with his brother and is challenged by his own lake of priorities.

Synopsis. The story is about a young man Adam who is struggling with his last test in the philosophy university, which he fails and gets upset. His mind is busy, and while his older brother sends messages to him, Adam ignores his older brother. So his mother calls him and makes him talk with his brother. Adam tells his brother he is busy, and Gabriel uses this opportunity to Invite him to Gabriel’s house; Adam doesn’t accept in the beginning, but Gabriel convinces him. Adam goes to Gabriel’s house, and Gabriel tells him about his experiences bringing up a philosophical conversation about a limited flower life; Adam’s mind otherwise to understand what’s so essential, so Gabriel brings up what he learned when their mom was pregnant with Adam, but that’s t don’t convince Adam. Therefore Gabriel didn’t feel well and drank a cup of water, Adam saw his hand holding the cup shaking, and Adam stayed more worried and anxious because Gabriel didn’t tell him yet what was happening, so Adam argued with Gabriel. Gabriel tells him he has cancer, which frustrates Adam, but Gabriel uses that to show his bald vunerability, and that bring Adam to Gabriel, and both appreciate their last time together.