Self-Destructive Music Video

Nate Doane  Phoenix, AZ / Music

Julia and her marketing team reached out to me with a great concept for the first of a few music videos they wanted to develop for an upcoming EP. I really loved the music and Julia is a friend of mine so I was very excited to get to work with her team.

The concept involved a self-destructive relationship told out of order, showing the good moments and the bad moments but overall evoking the feelings of a toxic relationship. Julia and her team also stressed that they wanted to go with more of a colorful palette to go with the purple and spacey art on the EP’s cover.

We shot the video on a Blackmagic Pocket 4k with vintage lenses supported by a Rokinon Cine kit. Our main lighting fixtures were an Arri Skypanel S30 and Astera AX1 Pixeltubes with some grip support.

Overall this was an incredible project where we were able to take the director’s vision and the musician’s goals and create something that everyone loved.