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MotionGility  Pittsburgh, PA / Explainer

Collecting customer feedback can be a tough task to execute especially when you’re a large business enterprise. However, analyzing and sorting it for arriving at final decisions can be another headache that brands often encounter while ensuring a positive customer experience. But with Feebak, things are much better as the software allows businesses to gather feedback in one place alongside sorting and organizing it. Through an animated explainer video, we helped them with: – Demonstrating through attractive visual elements such as icons related to feedback, surveys, users, etc., as to what the platform is all about. – Grabbing the attention of viewers through crisp motion graphic transitions. – Simplify their platform’s offering via an illustrated platform dashboard – Guide the viewers through an energetic background voiceover But more importantly, Feebak can leverage the power of its explainer video on multiple internet platforms for maximum reach amongst its intended target audience. So are you looking forward to a similar product video for your SaaS or Cloud platform and hoping to connect with your target audience?