Enovix Overview – Part One

Deb DeVries VO  Walnut Creek, CA / Corporate - VO

As the title suggest this video is the first of a multi-part series introducing a new high-tech company, Enovix and its innovative high-capacity battery design to the world. This first of 3 videos would be incorporated into a multi-media presentation to be broadcast to high-tech leaders in manufacturing and communications world-wide. Executive Producer, Bruce Pharr- Sr. Marketing VP Consultant; Project Management & Director – Michael O’Shea – Freethink; Voiceover – Deb DeVries. Voice over would be interspersed between live and prerecorded commentary by senior executives of Enovix, who would provide over of company and technology prior to going public. Voice over direction was conversational, professional, real person, believable, intelligent.