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Plumey Voices

Video Production

Primary Roles

Voice Talent - MaleVoice Talent - Multilingual
Pablo Plumey has a warm and deep native Spanish voice ideal for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentations. Neutral Accent 24 Hour Skype, FTP, WAV & MP3 Own state of the art digital recording studio… More

Primary Roles

Voice Talent - MaleVoice Talent - FemaleVoice Talent - Multilingual
Mauricio Perez is a professional Latin American Spanish voice over talent, who started his voice career back in 1992 as a performer of urban music in Colombia. He also recorded many promos and commercials, and was the main voice for… More

Primary Roles

Voice Talent - FemaleVoice Talent - MultilingualActor - Female
I have traveled the world my whole life. I bring back with me fresh, enthusiastic curiosity and over 30 years of SAG-AFTRA & international on-camera, voiceover & storytelling experience – features, TV/radio commercial, promo, video games, narration, etc. ~North American… More